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AIDA would like to welcome Sue Martin who is now serving as our Examinations Coordinator!
Welcome to the new AIDA website! Visit the new members section to reset your password and update contact info, then take a look at the new online syllabus!
We have lost one of the last great gentlemen of dance, Rudy Trautz.
Donnie and Heidi Burns join AIDA as examiners.

Greetings Fellow Members,

Here we are. It’s 2024 and we are forging ahead with some of the many projects we have been working on. In just a few days our Latin Syllabus will be coming online. As with the Ballroom Syllabus, the written descriptions go through the Fellowship Level with video displays through the Membership Level. There will be no additional fee added to the Premium Membership. Since Premium Memberships run on the calendar year, the fees are prorated as the year progresses. We will be adding the Fellowship Level videos demonstrations in Ballroom and Latin in the future.

AIDA is also working to finish a writeable Examinations Brochure, designed by Esther Don, our Examinations Chair, which will make future Examination Applications easier and more convenient, with all the relevant information in one place and the ability to write on the brochure itself and email it back in.

Our website content is constantly expanding and we plan to make more and more content available to our Members. If there are things that you would like to see added, please contact me or any of the National Committee Members with your input and suggestions. Please send pictures and updates to be added in.

AIDA would like to ask you to please check your Membership List entry to make sure all of your contact information is up to date. We feel sure we are having trouble reaching all of our Members due to outdated contact information, or in some cases correspondence ending up in Spam or Junk folders, as many systems will do this to mass emails. It is a good idea to check Spam or Junk folders regularly because of this.

AIDA would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2024!

Steve Hadley
Steve Hadley
President, American International Dancers Association