AIDA conducts examinations in order to improve dance standards. By providing a graduated series of goals for the amateur and professional dancer their instructor or trainer will be able to determine if the dancer has mastered skill levels before introducing a higher level.

Student Medal Tests

Examinations provide a useful teaching tool. Students who commit to the scrutiny of an Examiner will work harder to eliminate faults and to master problem areas in their dancing. Examinations under the auspices of the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing will add prestige to and help develop the image of the sponsoring studio, signifying a school that trains its teachers and students to a high standard. To be a part of such a studio gives the student an additional sense of pride and loyalty.

If you have any unanswered questions, contact our Exam Director at: aidadance.examinations@gmail.com Further contact information is listed on the Departments page.

Professional Exams

From the standpoint of the individual teacher, or studio owner, there are a number of specific reasons for holding exams:

  • Examinations offer a perfect goal-directed program, which will keep students interested in their dancing and working to develop a lifetime hobby. Working toward a specific exam provides an excellent motive to maintain a student’s active involvement with lessons.
  • The examination experience, the written critique, the certificate, the medal, all combine to give an amateur or professional concrete recognition of the accomplishment which he/she would otherwise miss by merely coming in for a weekly lesson. Sometimes a good student will become discouraged because their perception is that they are not improving. The steady measurement of progress with the Medal Test Program will remedy this problem.

The AIDA Examination Handbook

The AIDA Examination Handbook is an excellent study guide to help you prepare for your next medal test, and is available to all members. To download a copy, click the button below: