The First AIDA Chapter Is Formed!

AIDA is proud and excited to announce the Albany Upstate NY Chapter is officially up and running. The National Committee has approved their bylaws and certified them as our first Chapter in the rebirth of this program. The Albany Upstate NY Chapter has 3 Full Members and 23 Adjunct or Auxiliary Members with more to come. The Chapter Officers are Louise Giuliano-Chair, Susan Martin-Secretary and Ruth Lieberman-Treasurer.

Visit the Albany Chapter's website at

We would like to see Chapters springing up everywhere. Soon there will be a copy of Albany’s bylaws on the Chapter page of the AIDA website. They can be used as a template for future Chapters bylaws. We have already seen interest regarding the new Chapter Program from other areas. The next issue of Topline will have a full report on our First Chapter. All Chapter inquiries may be made to: